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Article: Recommended not only for sake lovers, but also for sake beginners! Sake beginners went to a sake select shop and bar!


Recommended not only for sake lovers, but also for sake beginners! Sake beginners went to a sake select shop and bar!

This time, Yorozuya, who is a sake beginner, actually visited and interviewed in order to convey the charm of "Mirai Nihonshuten & SAKE BAR " on the first basement floor of Shibuya PARCO operated by Mirai Nihonshuten.

In conclusion, this shop is perfect not only for sake lovers, but also for those who like alcohol and want to try sake, or those who are not good at drinking and want to find only the sake that suits them!

■ Concerns of sake beginners

There are many types of sake, and I don't know which one to choose ... Isn't there a lot of people who say? I am too. ( laughs )

Such people are university teachers, bosses, and fathers. In most cases, you probably drink the sake recommended by such an “older man” or the sake that is available at an izakaya. There are times when you don't like what you're recommended and you can't drink it deliciously. Even if it happens to be my taste, it doesn't mean that I will continue to drink that sake for the rest of my life. Some stores may not have them.

So, how do you find the “sake that suits you” ?

This time, I visited "Mirai Sake Store & SAKE BAR " and found one answer.

■What kind of shop?

This time, we visited “Mirai Nihonshuten & SAKE BAR ” on the first basement floor of Shibuya PARCO . It is a liquor store operated by Mirai Nihonshuten, but it is also a bar with a dining space. Good location, a 5- minute walk from Shibuya Station, which is easily accessible from anywhere.

There are more than 100 kinds of sake , and since it is basically a liquor store, you can buy your favorite sake and enjoy it at home. Alcohol lovers who drink at home will be happy, and they will be happy as a gift! It's a casually nice point that there is no charge for eating and drinking in the store.

■ Atmosphere that anyone can enter

The interior of the bar counter and table seats gives a stylish and fashionable impression. It's not too glaring, so I think it's easy for a single person or a woman to enter.
Among the customers at the counter, there are those who enjoy talking with the staff, and those who drink quietly by themselves. There were many people at the table seats, including couples, foreigners, and office workers on their way home from work, and I felt that the knowledge of sake among the customers varies from person to person. This is quite nice for Japanese sake beginners!

It's fashionable but casual, and the atmosphere is welcoming to everyone , so I personally didn't need much courage to enter.

■ AI taste judgment service “ YUMMY SAKE

It can be said that it is the main dish of this restaurant. I also experienced " YUMMY SAKE " . In this service, by evaluating the taste of 10 types of sake in 5 stages, AI will judge your taste of sake from 12 types of onomatopoeia. When I tried 10 types in a row, the taste was certainly quite different, and my tastes were also divided. You can get a glass of sake as a gift according to the judged type.

In my case, the “ ByuByun type ” is a type of sake with a refreshing taste, and I was told that “Kubota Senju Junmai Ginjo” was recommended. It sure is delicious when you drink it!

The biggest worry of sake beginners, "I don't know how to choose sake", will be solved with this service! From now on, you should be able to choose the type of alcohol that suits you. Sake lovers are also wondering what type they are classified as. Also, when you come with more than one person, it will be exciting to talk about which type you were!

■ Extensive menu

There is one more thing that is indispensable when drinking alcohol. Yes, it's a snack. I was very satisfied with that. I love the wide variety and reasonable prices.

What I received this time was "cream cheese pickled in sake lees", "tuna with light snow tofu and nori seaweed boiled in soy", and "marinated mackerel". All of them were very delicious and the compatibility with sake was outstanding!
You can order tasting sets and all-you-can-drink sake from 2,000 yen, so you can enjoy a wide variety of sake to the fullest.

In addition, cocktails made with sake are recommended for those who can't drink alcohol. The store manager takes advantage of the goodness of each sake while making it to eliminate the unique difficulty of drinking sake. What's more, there are many original recipes that can only be tasted here! You will want to drink something that you can only drink here. Thought I'd come back for another cocktail!

How was that. The atmosphere of the shop, YUMMY SAKE , the menu, etc., were all very satisfying sake bars . Especially for those who are new to sake like me, I think it's full of happy points. I feel that sake is very interesting and profound because you can enjoy not only the taste but also the story and history of each sake. It seems to be a good way to deepen your knowledge of sake, both as an education and as a conversation piece. It is a shop that I would like readers to visit by all means!

When you see this article, tell the staff the slogan "I saw the article on the EC site!" We will serve one glass of Japanese sake recommended by the store manager.

(*Only for those who order more than 1 item. Until September 30, 2020)

(Text / Yorozuya)

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