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Article: Bringing Japanese sake to the world! HINEMOS was a brand that I wanted sake beginners to drink.


Bringing Japanese sake to the world! HINEMOS was a brand that I wanted sake beginners to drink.

On July 18th and 19th , a HINEMOS tasting party was held at Mirai Sake KICHIJOJI . I would like to report on the charm of HINEMOS that I felt directly in the field!

■By your side at that time.

" HINEMOS " is an old Japanese word meaning "all time" . The concept is to stay close to the drinker at all times and create the best time .

Currently on sale are eight types, from "SHICHIJI" (7:00) to "NIJI" (2:00) . It is a series where you can enjoy a variety of sake, such as lowering the degree or making it sparkling, according to each time and situation.

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Image Source: Mirai Nihonshuten

For example, "SHICHIJI" is designed to serve as a refreshing toast with the image of the beginning of the night. Assuming that it will be drunk before a meal, the alcohol content is low at 5% , and by making it sparkling, you can feel the beginning of a fun party.

Because it is made in the same way as champagne, it does not taste like Japanese sake, so it is popular among people who have never tried Japanese sake before . It is recommended to drink with a champagne glass.

■ I want to make sake that I feel delicious from the bottom of my heart

As you can see from the fact that "SHICHIJI" is made with the same method as champagne, HINEMOS does not only make sake according to traditional traditions.

The goal of HINEMOS is to “make sake that you can feel delicious from the bottom of your heart.” The first HINEMOS was born from the desire to make sake that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, not only those who love sake, but also those who have never tried sake. It seems that it was " SHICHIJI ".

Image Source: Mirai Nihonshuten

For example, " NIJI " is a novel sake that contains a lot of malic acid, which is often found in white wine. Because it is not traditional sake, it can be enjoyed not only with Japanese food and sashimi, but also with Western food like wine.

It is precisely because we believe that "I truly believe that sake is delicious" and that "it will open new doors for sake that we can create new types of sake one after another."

Of the 8 types of HINEMOS currently on sale, only 2 are typical dry sake. You can tell that HINEMOS wants to expand the world of sake .

■ Born for Japan

The Japanese sake industry is declining in both production and consumption year by year. I want to spread the wings of Japanese sake, which is a traditional Japanese industry, to the world. HINEMOS was born from such a thought.

The representative, Mr. Sakai, who originally worked at Recruit, said in his own note that he chose sake as his business field, saying, " I came to create weapons to win in the world ."

Investigate your own "strengths", "weaknesses", "what you want to do", and "aspirations", and "bring 'Japanese' services and goods overseas and sell them", and 'outbound to 'traditional Japanese industries' It seems that he chose to win by doing.

While production and consumption in Japan are declining, it is also true that the world is gathering attention. In Europe, it is attracting attention as an alternative to wine, and in the United States, the demand for sake is increasing as Japanese food is becoming more popular. Perhaps now is the time to bring sake to the world.

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■ I want people who are not familiar with sake to drink it

One of the reasons why HINEMOS is based on the concept of time is "because time is a universal concept." No matter where you are in the world, the concept of time remains the same. What kind of situation arises at what time of day, and what kind of sake is needed?

Also, HINEMOS does not use Japanese sake terms such as “daiginjo” and “kijoshu” in its description. Even if you don't know the terminology, you can imagine the aroma and taste of sake, so you are conscious of easy-to-understand expressions. This is an important point because it is premised on selling overseas.

And it also applies to people in Japan who have never drank sake and those who are not good at it. If you don't like dry sake with a high alcohol content, try sake that doesn't. Even if you don't understand difficult sake terms, you should be able to choose easily. HINEMOS is filled with such thoughts.

For those who have never had sake before, this is a gem that we would like you to try. I can recommend it from the bottom of my heart!

HINEMOS can also be purchased from Mirai Nihonshuten EC , so please take a look!

Click here for the series list

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