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Article: Let's give Japanese sake on Father's Day! 3 types of sake perfect for gifts


Let's give Japanese sake on Father's Day! 3 types of sake perfect for gifts

Father's Day 2020 is June 21st . Have you already decided what to give for Father's Day?

Now that staying at home is recommended, sake that you can easily enjoy at home is perfect!

This time, for those who are a little worried about "what should I give to make them happy..." or "I want to give sake, but I don't know which one to buy..." I would like to divide it into 3 types and introduce them.

① Royal type sake

Speaking of sake, this is it! It is a classic type of sake that is the image of sake itself. For fathers who love Japanese sake, we recommend giving a classic type of sake with a strong premium feel.

Kirin Treasure Sake

(Image source: Mirai Nihonshuten )

"Kirin Treasure Sake" ( 5,400 yen, tax included) produced by Shimoetsu Sake Brewery in Niigata Prefecture. Alcohol content is 17-18 degrees . The beautiful blue bottle is lovely. It looks premium and is perfect as a gift.

This sake has been slowly stored at a low temperature for more than 5 years so as not to lose the balance of Kirin Daiginjo flavor.

Ryusei Gold Label Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo

(Image source: Mirai Nihonshuten )

"Ryusei Gold Label Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo" ( 4,000 yen, tax included) manufactured by Fujii Sake Brewery in Hiroshima Prefecture. The gold label and box have a big impact, and there is no doubt that this alone will make Father's Day a special day.

Ryusei Gold is made using the old-fashioned method of kimoto-zukuri, using microorganisms found in the brewery. Even if you go through exactly the same process, the taste will be completely different depending on the brewery.

Junmai Daiginjo made with such kimoto preparation is a gem that combines the clear taste of junmai daiginjo and the complex taste of kimoto.

2) Sake with a modern arrangement of taste and flavor

For fathers who don't usually have the image of drinking sake, we recommend giving a slightly unusual sake as a gift. Recently, there are many sake breweries that are producing original sake that is arranged in a modern style, which is different from the so-called image of sake.

If you are not familiar with sake, you may be more pleased with something familiar like this.


(Image source: Mirai Nihonshuten )

Modern sake " HINEMOS SHICHIJI " ( 2,500 yen, tax included) produced by Rice Wine in Kanagawa Prefecture. The alcohol content is modest at 5 %, so even those who are not very sensitive to alcohol can easily enjoy it.

It looks like white wine, and people who see it for the first time may not recognize it as sake. There is also a surprise element, so it is perfect for gifts. It's a gem that makes you want to drink it in a glass.

Gentle sweetness and umami spread in the mouth, carbon dioxide tightens the taste, and the aftertaste is dry. With its gorgeous appearance, it is sure to add even more excitement to your dining experience.

■ "Doronjo" wine yeast used Yamahai preparation

(Image source: Mirai Nihonshuten )

"Doronjo Yamahaijikomi using wine yeast" ( 3,500 yen, tax included) manufactured by Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery in Tokushima Prefecture. The clean black bottle and the label printed with Doronjo, the popular Yatterman character, are impressive sake. Alcohol content is 17 degrees.

This is a special sake made with Yamahai brewed wine yeast, and has a crisp yet deep flavor. Recommended for wine lovers as it has a refreshing taste, so it is perfect not only for sake lovers but also for wine lovers.

This is a great gift for dads who drink a lot of wine.

③ Sake with an original label that conveys gratitude

■ Only one original Junmai Daiginjo in the world [Wooden box type] [Label text input type]

(Image source: Mirai Nihonshuten )

The world's only original Junmai Daiginjo produced by Yachiya Sake Brewery in Ishikawa Prefecture. ] ( 4,612 yen, tax included). It is a type of sake that can be written not only with the name you often see, but also on the label.

The wooden box type has a more special feeling, so it is perfect for Father's Day gifts. The upper limit of the sentence is 120 characters, but it is enough to convey the daily gratitude that is difficult to express directly. You can make only one original sake in the world. It is a special gift that you want to give on your anniversary.

A daiginjo that maximizes its fruity aroma and has an alcohol content of 14.9 %. It's nice to drink in a wine glass.

You can see that there are various types of sake that are perfect for gifts. Please choose sake according to your father's taste and type.

Also, fathers are happy to receive anything from their children. If you don't know your father's daily alcohol preferences, it might be a good idea to honestly choose "what you want to give yourself."

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