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Article: 1984, the bitter sweet symphony

1984, the bitter sweet symphony

1984, the bitter sweet symphony

A book that snuggles up to both the sweetness and bitterness of life

“Over 30 years in my life, it must have been bitter and sweet.”

"1984, the bitter sweet symphony" is a liquor named after the famous song "Bitter Sweet Symphony" by the British rock band The Verve.

This sake, which was brewed in 1984 and has been brewed for over 30 years, is characterized by its gentle, snuggling taste.

■ A feat that can be achieved in 30 years

This "vintage" sake, which was prepared in 1984, was born with the concept of "enjoying vintage sake like wine or whiskey" through crowdfunding in 2016.

Since ancient times, Japanese people have been appreciative of “first things” such as “first bonito” and “first eggplant”.

Similarly, when it comes to Japanese sake, there are probably many people who have the impression that “first time” and “new” sake such as “new sake” and “freshly squeezed” are good.

The concept of “vintage” is well-established in wine and whiskey, but in fact, “vintage” also exists in sake.

"1984, the bitter sweet symphony" was aged based on Kijoshu. Some kijoshu have a strong acidity, and some people may not like it.

However, after 30 years, the sweetness has been transformed into a deep flavor with a touch of bitterness, and the sourness has been transformed into a rounded, gentle aftertaste.

For those who want to enjoy a rich afterglow

When you put it in your mouth, a light sourness runs through your mouth, and then a bitterness that makes you feel comfortable stimulates your tongue, and the sweetness leaves a soft aftertaste. The taste is exactly like a symphony by a unique orchestra.

Anniversaries and milestone days. Or a sweet moment that makes your cheeks loosen just by remembering it.

Or when you remember a failure that makes you want to look away, or when bittersweet memories cross your mind.

If you drink it when you are thinking about life, this sake may be close to your life.

■ An advanced sake brewery opens up new horizons for sake

This sake was made at Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery in Tokushima. Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery is known as an ambitious sake brewery that opens up new horizons for Japanese sake, such as ``Cutie Honey Sweet Junmai Ginjo'' and ``Shiratori no Jun Junmai Ginjo Nigori'', which are collaborations with anime.

The sake of Miyoshikiku Sake Brewery uses ultra-soft spring water and local yeast from Tokushima Prefecture, and is characterized by its strong sweetness and sourness.

When this is aged, the aroma rather than the sweetness that is characteristic of kijoshu stands out, giving it a flavor similar to that of western liquor. Finished in two flavors.

■ There is a side of sake that you didn't know

Because of its rich flavor, it is often enjoyed as an after-dinner drink, but you can also enjoy a new side of sake by pouring it over ice cream and enjoying it as a dessert.

Also, if you combine it with bitter chocolate, the sourness and sweetness of this sake will be further enhanced, and you can enjoy the "vintage feeling" like Western liquor.

If you drink on the rocks or with soda, you can enjoy a light drink and enhance the flavor of dishes with rich sauces.

Depending on how you drink it, you can say that the charm of this sake is that it can be paired with any occasion, contrary to its unique flavor.

■ Created by time

``1984, the bitter sweet symphony'', which combines sweetness and sourness created by aging for 30 years and a faint bitterness, is a must-try for adults who can taste both sour and sweet.

sweet, sour, and bitter. It may be simple to put it into words, but if you take a bite, you will be impressed by the taste that has both a powerful flavor and elegance.

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