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Article: It cools down your body and mind. 5 Classic Summer Sakes


It cools down your body and mind. 5 Classic Summer Sakes

This time of year has finally arrived. hot summer.

A humid, sweaty tropical night.

Pour down delicious chilled sake into your thirsty throat.

Mirai Nihonshuten, a "sake select shop" , will introduce five classic "summer sake" that have been carefully selected.

From the middle of May, "summer sake" has already arrived from many sake breweries.

This summer, the Olympics are scheduled to be held, but due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we will probably spend more time at home than usual. Why don't you take advantage of the opportunity to drink at home, which naturally increases?

Calm summer pure rice brewed sake from the finest rice

Niida Honke (Fukushima Prefecture)

Niida Honke is characterized by the umami, sweetness and sourness of rice.

This sake is the middle draw * of the same sake brewery's summer sake "Odayaka Junmai Ginjo", which is very popular every year .

It has a fresh ginjo scent like muscat containing carbon dioxide gas derived from fermentation, and has a good balance of sweetness and sourness, giving it a juicy flavor. Because it is drawn from the middle, it has a refreshing feeling that pops in your mouth and a delicious sweetness.

As a pairing, it goes well with Caesar dressing, cheese dressing salad, and refreshing dishes such as sour octopus marinade.


・Alcohol content: 15.5 degrees

・One-time bottle pasteurization

・Ingredients: Domestic rice (Gohyakumangoku), rice malt

・Contents: 720ml

* Nakakumi is the second sake that comes out in the process of squeezing the fermented moromi.

Normally, to make sake, koji mold is added to steamed rice to make koji, which is then mixed with yeast to make shubo. and prepare the moromi. Sake is the liquid that is squeezed out after fermenting the moromi.

Chrysanthemum Tsukasa Sparkler, pure rice undiluted sake, lightly cloudy

Kikunotsukasa Sake Brewery (Iwate Prefecture)

A light and sweet summer sake with an impressive sparkler label .

The secondary fermentation in the bottle gives a refreshing faint sense of gas, complementing the fruity aroma and the sweetness of the rice.

As a pairing, it goes well with light-flavored seafood such as pike conger and octopus, and simple-flavoured dishes such as summer vegetable tempura. It is a sake with a gentle taste that will enhance your appetite from the first cup to the middle of the meal.


・Alcohol content: 15 degrees

・Unpasteurized sake

・Ingredients: Domestic rice (such as Hitomebore), rice malt

・Contents: 720ml

Konaki Junmai Summer Sake Super Dry Unfiltered Sake

Chiyo Musubi Sake Brewery (Tottori Prefecture)

Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery is located in Tottori Prefecture, the birthplace of Shigeru Mizuki, author of GeGeGe no Kitaro.

This is the summer sake ver.

・Alcohol content: 17 degrees

・One-time bottle pasteurization

・Ingredients: rice, rice malt

・Contents: 720ml

Yamagata Masamune Summer Pure Rice [Fireworks Label] Lunch

Mitobe Sake Brewery (Fukushima Prefecture)

A popular summer liquor with a fireworks label . It expresses not only a refreshing feeling, but also a solid taste, so it is a summer sake that you want to drink with delicious food in a cool room.

・Alcohol content: 16 degrees

・Ingredients: Rice (Dewa Sansan), rice malt

・Contents: 720ml

Junmai Nama Genshu Wind Chimes

Imayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery (Niigata Prefecture)

Sake for summer with a refreshing wind chime label. The firm fruity aroma is like a ripe banana, and it has a savory flavor that makes it a satisfying drink. However, the aftertaste is short, and it is a summer sake that you can enjoy refreshingly.

When you drink "On the Rocks" with ice, the sound of the melting ice hitting the glass is exactly like a "wind chime", bringing you an emotional coolness. It is also recommended to divide with soda.


・Alcohol content: 17 degrees

・Unpasteurized sake

・Ingredients: domestic rice, rice malt

・Contents: 720ml

If you just chill it and drink it, it won't change as usual. I want to feel cool depending on how I drink it.

There is a way to drink summer sake recommended by the future sake store!

It is a way of drinking called " on the rocks " where you drink with ice floating . It is recommended that you drink all 5 bottles introduced in this way.

Summer is too hot to leave the house. The savior of such a season, the online store. We hope this helps you spend a wonderful summer night. We're looking forward to servicing you.

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