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Article: Mr. Daiki Fujii from Fujii Sake Brewery part2

藤井酒造 藤井大貴様part2

Mr. Daiki Fujii from Fujii Sake Brewery part2


In Topics, we will deliver not only the taste of sake but also the story and thoughts behind it through interviews with the sake producers handled by the sake select shop Mirai Nihonshuten .
Continuing from last time , we would like to introduce Mr. Fujii from Fujii Sake Brewery in Hiroshima Prefecture. Today, we asked Mr. Fujii, the brewery owner, about the characteristics and delicious ways to drink sake made at Fujii Brewery.

Leading batter Fourth batter Various sake representative of Fujii Brewery

-Now, let's talk about the sake produced by Fujii Brewery.
There are white, gold, and black Ryusei, and then there's the Emperor of the Night... I think each of them has its own story and individuality, but let me say a few words about each one. Please let me know.

To talk about the basics, there are some aspects of our sake quality design that I still feel like I haven't done yet. The premise is that everyone, including the brewery workers, will have to create the positioning and design of sake quality, such as what kind of taste Emperor of the Night should have and what kind of white label should be while maintaining the core. There is, so I would like you to include that area.

On top of that, the King of the Night is also reasonably priced. Don't be afraid to say it's a cheap product. Our sake, or all of sake, is like the miso soup your mother makes when you return to the countryside . I want you to use it. I want it to be a drink that can be used on a daily basis.

-I see. From the perspective of pairing with food, what kind of image do you have of Emperor of the Night?

That being said, when it comes to Emperor of the Night, you don't have to choose too many ingredients. You have to aim for sake that goes well with all ingredients to some extent.

- Like Ichiro, he can hit any scene.

oh yeah. As for Emperor of the Night, you can drink it in various temperature ranges, so you may be able to use it properly. It can be used in many ways.

- You are the best batter. Run, hit and protect.

(laughs) And I think that's the hardest part.
Sake that has been made with a lot of time and effort by sticking to great ingredients and finalizing techniques can be made to a certain level. But if you ask me if I can put that much effort into making a drink that is at the level of the emperor of the night, it's not the case. However, the most popular alcoholic beverage is King of the Night. That's why it's the most difficult, and I have to brush up more and more, and I think that's what's important.

- Nice, it's a hot topic.
After that, I would like the Ryusei White Label.

Well, by white label, this is a bit pretentious.
Shiro Label is a sake that is easy to drink even for those who are not familiar with sake itself or who have not drunk much. Well, compared to the easy-to-drink sake that is generally said, our sake is hard to drink (laughs). Well it tastes good.
In terms of our production concept, there are two parts, the natural brewing part and the complete fermentation part. The concept is to continue fermenting the alcohol until the yeast is healthy until all the sugar in the liquid is gone, and this is common to all sake.
So, all of our sake is dry. On top of that, the white label has a dry yet fruity and light feel. Compared to other Fujii Sake Brewery sake, it has a lighter body. As for the dishes that go well with it, white fish, sashimi, and other light-flavoured dishes are a great match for sake.
If I were to use a baseball analogy, it would be number 4 if it means not disappointing expectations.

- White is number 4. That's what it means to say that the road is wide while being authentic. In terms of the number that comes out, is there still a lot of white?

White is yet to come. According to the predecessor's preference, white is not my favorite color, but according to employees, white is the best.
This may be related to what we talked about last time about the organization , but this may be especially true for us, but there is a gap between the sake that the brewery likes and the sake that the general public likes. . I think it's fine to have that separately, but if you want to compromise, you have to come up with ways to communicate it or explain the product. That part is not done yet.
Speaking of which, white is not my favorite sake among the previous generations, so the amount itself is small, and there are parts that I haven't actively promoted, but it will increase from now on.

-Thank you very much for putting out the white label on the Pal Wagon. It was very well received. I think it's relatively easy to drink, but it has a Ryusei-like feel to it.
* Pal Wagon: A new autumn festival event in Japan launched by Parco, held in October 2015. Mirai Shuhan produces the Japanese sake department.

of course. That's what branding is for me. No matter what sake you drink, you can tell it's Fujii Sake Brewery. Never move there.

Do steaks and French cuisine go well with Japanese sake?
Introducing special products

- Numbers 1 and 4 came out, and then...

Black is next.
In terms of black, in a sense, he hits more home runs than the 4th batter, the 3rd batter.

-It feels like the old Giants No. 3 Matsui No. 4 Kiyohara (laughs).

When the black and white are blindfolded and served to the general public, many people say that the white one is Daiginjo.
However, looking at it from the other side, there are almost no daiginjo with such a solid body in the market. On the other hand, it has a very maniac direction, and it has a scent that is easy for the general public, and it has a sweet taste.

-How would you like it to go with your meal?

That is steak or sukiyaki.

-It's amazing, it has weight. General daiginjo can't compete with the food in that area.

yes. In terms of daiginjo in general, I like pairing it with fruit, but if you pair our daiginjo with fruit, it doesn't taste good at all (laughs).

-Kuro Label is delicious even if you warm it up. In terms of general daiginjo, I think there are many things that can't withstand the temperature, so that's also different.

I agree.

-You're getting stronger and stronger. Gold is next.

There are three types of sake that are higher than black, Gold, Special, and Zenshichi, and all of them are made with Kimoto . That's the best feature. And the part I want to convey the most when talking about our sake is those three products.
The reason is that the way to make kimoto is to use the microorganisms in the brewery. I think that the terroir of sake is exactly there. Sake doesn't have yeast on the rice, it's on the brewery. Each brewery has completely different microorganisms, so even if you use the same raw material and the same process, the taste will be completely different. That's why I want to cherish the structure of my house, called Kimoto.

And as for the taste, the fragrance is not so gorgeous. However, there is a depth and depth of flavor that can never be achieved with artificially cultured yeast. Even the scent is distinctive.

-I've been drinking gold for the past week or so. It's a perfect match with a hot pot with hot soup stock.

Black and gold are the same rice. The only difference is the way it's made. In a sense, black is very easy to understand when compared to the original. At home, we often say that black labels are alcoholic beverages with makeup. Looking at the appearance, it is a well-balanced and very clean sake.
Kimoto no Sake is not a woman without makeup, but it doesn't look flashy, but it feels like a clean sake (laughs).

-I see. Today, I want to go home with my heart pounding and enjoy gold (laughs).

In that sense, Gold is the 5th batter in the world of baseball. I'm slow on my feet, but when I hit it, it's like an out-of-field home run.

-By the way, when it comes to eating habits, do you prefer gold to black?

It's more nostalgic than black. The characteristic of kimoto is that it has a lot of flavor.
There are various flavors in the liquid, and it goes well with dishes that harmonize various flavors, such as French cuisine, which is very elaborate.

-So you can enjoy it in a wide range of ways.

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In Topics, we will deliver not only the taste of sake but also the story and thoughts behind it through interviews with the sake producers handled by the sake select shop Mirai Nihonshuten ....

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In Topics, we will deliver not only the taste of sake but also the story and thoughts behind it through interviews with the sake producers handled by the sake select shop Mirai Nihonshuten ....

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