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Article: For corporate customers


For corporate customers

For restaurants all over the country, "I want to purchase rare sake that is not available at nearby liquor stores in units of 1", "I want you to purchase sake from various sake breweries in bulk online and have it delivered" Is it not?
At Mirai Saketen's online store, you can make all of your wishes come true.

Mirai Nihonshuten carries a wide variety of sake, from famous sake breweries such as Tsuchida Shuzo and Abe Shuzo to rare sake that you have never heard of. You may encounter bargains that you have never seen at your neighborhood liquor store. All of the sake we handle is purchased directly from various sake breweries all over the country.

At our shop, you can purchase a 1.8-liter bottle of sake starting from " 1 ", so you don't need to buy in bulk . In particular, we can fulfill the requests of small-scale izakayas who want to purchase various types of sake one by one. Also, even if you don't, you can also use it as a way to say, "Let's try this sake."

The product specifications (sake brewery name, etc.) are listed on the online store, so you can check what kind of sake it is on the spot without referring to various sites. You can also see the image of the product, so you can also buy the label .

For example, if you purchase directly from various sake breweries, shipping costs will be charged for each purchase . This will save you shipping costs as well.

Finally, we would like to introduce two 1.8-liter bottles of sake sold by Mirai Nihonshuten!

[Abe Junmai Daiginjo Mirai Sake Store Limited Liquor/Abe Sake Brewery]

Mirai Nihonshuten purchased a tank of this sake, which can only be purchased at Mirai Nihonshuten. Junmai Daiginjo made with 100% Koshikagura sake rice grown in Kashiwazaki. It has a melon-like scent and a beautiful sour taste, and the overall refreshing taste makes it a gem that we can confidently recommend to everyone.

<Product specifications>

・Origin: Niigata Prefecture

・Alcohol content: 14 degrees

・Unpasteurized sake

・YUMMY TYPE: SharaShara

[Tatsunoo Special Junmai / Otoko Jiman Sake Brewery]

A rich taste unique to pure rice sake. Despite its mellow mouthfeel and refreshing impression, the deep flavor that spreads in your mouth is pleasant, making it a sake that you won't get tired of drinking.

<Product specifications>

・Origin: Yamaguchi Prefecture

・Alcohol content: 15 degrees


Mirai Nihonshuten's online store is a convenient mail-order site not only for individual customers but also for corporate customers . First of all, how about purchasing "one bottle" for trial? We are looking forward to your use.

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