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Article: “Online Niigata Sake Festival” will be held jointly with 26 sake breweries in Niigata!


“Online Niigata Sake Festival” will be held jointly with 26 sake breweries in Niigata!

(Information as of March 21, 2021.)

In 2019, the world's largest sake event "Niigata Sake no Jin" attracted about 140,000 people. However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it has been canceled for two consecutive years, 2020 and 2021.

Therefore, we will support the sake breweries who continue to make sake even in this situation as much as possible, and hope that the “Niigata Sake no Jin” will resume. Niigata Sake Festival" will be held. It will be held on the CHEERSAKE official website for two days on April 10th and 11th, 2021 . Viewing is free .

The “Online Niigata Sake Festival” is a new type of festival where everyone can support Niigata sake breweries in their own way, by watching live broadcasts , commenting , and buying sake on the spot . We plan to distribute various contents so that viewers can listen to the story of the brewers and experience the breadth and depth of Niigata sake.

For example, “ Niigata Tour Sake Brewery Tour ,” which allows you to tour several sake breweries in Niigata all at once online.

Live Talk ” is a live presentation of each brewery's commitment to sake brewing this year and the appeal of each brewery. Rather than a one-way live distribution, viewers can directly ask questions and support sake brewers with the " comment function ", and purchase products on the spot with the " shopping function ". increase.

<List of participating sake breweries>

Imayo Tsukasa Sake Brewery

Myoko Sake Brewery

Abe Sake Brewery

Yoshikawa Toji no Sato

Kirinzan Sake Brewery

Taiyo Sake Brewery

Ichishima Sake Brewery

Mineno Hakubai Sake Brewery

Takahashi Sake Brewery

Hasegawa Sake Brewery

Takanoi Sake Brewery

Tamagawa Sake Brewery

Kiminoi Sake Brewery

Yoshino River

Kaganoi Sake Brewery

Obata Sake Brewery

Echigo Crane and Tortoise

Kakuro Sake Brewery

DHC Distillery

Shirataki Sake Brewery

Ishizuka Sake Brewery

Hara Brewery

Sasaiwai Sake Brewery

Kikusui Sake Brewery

Kondo Sake Brewery

Tenryo Sake Brewery

We are looking for crowdfunding at CAMPFIRE to hold the online Niigata Sake Festival . As a reward, those who support us will receive 3 plans and a total of 8 types of "cheers set", and at the live on the day of the event, you can experience " live tasting " where you can enjoy sake while listening to the commentary by the creator. It looks like We will deliver it by the day before the event.

For details on each set, please see the details of each reward on the CAMPFIRE project page. ( )

CHEERSAKE , a service that provides sake breweries in Japan with a place for "live commerce" that combines live distribution and e-commerce, is at the center of planning and operation of this event. MIRAISAKECOMPANY is involved in this event through CHEERSAKE.

Details of other events will be sent from time to time. Please check the latest information on the CHEERSAKE official website and SNS.

Official website



We are also planning an SNS campaign to liven up the event. Please follow us. Please join us in this event and support Niigata sake breweries together!

Lastly, all of our staff hope that the Niigata Sake no Jin event will resume as soon as possible.

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