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Article: Kazuma Sake Brewery Mr. Kaichiro Kazuma part3

数馬酒造 数馬嘉一郎様 part3

Kazuma Sake Brewery Mr. Kaichiro Kazuma part3


In Topics, we will deliver not only the taste of sake but also the story and thoughts behind it through interviews with the sake producers handled by the sake select shop Mirai Nihonshuten .

Continuing from last time , we interviewed Mr. Kazuma of Kazuma Sake Brewery in Ishikawa Prefecture.
In this third installment, Mr. Kazuma will talk about the project "N-project" jointly carried out with students, and talk about its outline and product features.

It would be interesting if students made sake from scratch!
Inspiration for the N-project

-I would like to take up the product. First of all, "Chikuha N", the starting product of the N-project. What was the impetus for this product?

The person in charge of requesting printed materials said that there is a president who is the same age as me, so I would like to introduce him once. At that time, I was introduced to the president of AUMA NO HIROBA, Nishide. He was involved in various projects involving students and companies, and while we were talking about how it would be nice if we could do something together, a project came up that would be interesting if the students made sake. However, it was not enough to just make sake. From there, I talked to the behind-the-scenes president of the farmer, and then I thought I'd give it a try. Originally, I was working with the secret president to cultivate abandoned farmland on the Noto Peninsula, so I thought it might be a good idea to ask for his cooperation.

-That was in 2013. Is this liquor now in its second year?

Yes, it's my second year.

-The first product was completed from the summer of 2014 to the beginning of 2015, and now the second product is being released.


-Has the system changed between the first and second year?

Basically it hasn't changed, but in the first year there were still a lot of things we were trying to figure out, so we had support members put in. From the first year onwards, I get advice and advice, but I feel like I don't want to get involved as a solid supporter.

-Are students participating in club activities?

No, it's optional.

-It's optional.

It is an arbitrary group, neither a circle nor a student group. This season, the second year of the club, the students are talking to their acquaintances, and the focus is on our activities, and we have received inquiries from many people who want to join us.

-How many members are there now?

There are 17 people now.

-That's a lot.

That's quite a lot. It seems that there will be about the same number of people next year, including the replacements.

-Is it basically only Ishikawa students?

In the first year, there were people from outside the prefecture, but this year it was only Ishikawa. Well, most of them are students from Ishikawa prefecture.

-You could say that the 1st season has just ended, and it's just finished making it, right?

After that, it's a showcase, or rather, it's a stage after the unveiling. So, there is a next leader, so go there.

-It's been handed down from generation to generation.

I agree. I was planning to get a subsidy and do it for two years, but the students expressed their desire to continue, and we agreed that we wanted to continue, so in the third year, I decided to do it myself. It feels like we're going to do it with our own power.

-Is one tank used in N-project?

About one minute. It's about 3000 bottles for 750ml. About 1 bottle is prepared and 1,000 bottles are made into unpasteurized sake.

- As expected.

No, thank goodness.

-Is the amount of raw sake and pasteurization about half and half?

1000 and 2000. 1000 bottles of unpasteurized sake and 2000 bottles of pasteurization.

-You're going to do the burning from now on.

Well, I'm going to put out the pasteurization products.

The sweetness and texture of rice that goes well with chocolate

-Then, I would like to ask you about the taste of the N-project sake. Could you tell me the differences and features?

This year's sake has become a beautiful sake overall. Among them, the N-project is the type that has the strongest sweetness when you put it in your mouth.

-Is the raw material basically local gohyakumangoku?

that's right. The rice is 60% polished with Gohyakumangoku made by the president behind the scenes.

- Then with ginjo sake.

We ship with special pure rice. Because there is a place where you can not compete with specs so much.

-Are there any dishes that go well with you?

The student said it goes well with chocolate.

-I see.

I mean, it's Valentine's Day. That's it

-The fact that it goes well with chocolate means that it has a solid taste. Generally speaking, chocolate goes well with moderately strong alcoholic beverages such as whiskey or red wine.

Yes, it's unpasteurized sake, so I think it's quite satisfying to drink because of the sweetness of the rice. If it's not chocolate, is it a citrus candy? It's a sweet that has a bitter taste and a citrus scent.

-Do you mean orange peel?

I think that's how it feels. Sake masters above sake tasters are evaluated in that way.

-So it's not like drinking during a meal, is it?

No, you can have sake with your meal. It's perfectly fine to drink it as is, and the students also recommended rock.

-Is there any combination that Kazuma-sama likes?

I'm cheese Do you feel like eating and drinking blue cheese and dried fruits together?

-Do you drink a lot?

Not really. I don't drink twice a day.

-It's very healthy, isn't it?

Some days I drink and some days I don't. Even if I drink, I don't drink much

-When I went to a drinking party with the brewery, I had the impression that those who didn't put a limiter would continue drinking, but that's not the case.

I'm not strong, to begin with. Also, I know that when I get drunk, it gets noisy.

-It's intense, isn't it?

It doesn't feel like such a mess, but there are things that don't happen lol. I feel like I won't be able to welcome the next day in a very good condition, including my physical condition.

-I see. thank you. What would go well with cooking?

Last year it was shrimp pilaf. It's a seafood type, it's a rice flavor, isn't it?

-I see.

The rice has a nice sweetness to it, and since our house is located in front of the port, it goes well with seafood.

-I see. It is interesting. Is the port Ushitsu Port?

Yes, right in front of you.

-What is Ushitsu Port famous for?

There are various kinds, but Kanburi is quite famous. Because there is a yellowtail festival. Yellowtail and new sake go well together. The one that is fatty, has a proper taste, and can be cut cleanly is suitable.

- You can't use really good yellowtail oil with sake that doesn't have a strong taste.

yes. It's a yellowtail with a lot of fat on it.

-So you can fight it. That was the same fishing ground as Himi's cold yellowtail, wasn't it?

Yes, so I think it's similar quality. However, the brand power of Himi is greater.

-Then it's a bargain.

I agree.

In the final installment , we will ask about the future direction of the brewery.

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