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Article: Recommended only for beginners! Six charms of "Future Sake Store KICHIJOJI"

初心者にこそおすすめ!「未来日本酒店K I C H I J O J I」の6つの魅力

Recommended only for beginners! Six charms of "Future Sake Store KICHIJOJI"

This time, in order to convey the charm of "Mirai Nihonshuten KICHIJOJI" operated by Mirai Nihonshuten, the writer actually visited and interviewed.
How did Mirai Nihonshuten KICHIJOJI come into being, and how did it become a liquor store loved by the locals?

■Birth from the desire to support young builders

“Future sake store KICHIJOJI” was born two years ago. Unlike traditional liquor stores, the interior of the store was created with the intention of allowing customers to casually enjoy sake with a homely and open atmosphere. It's nice to be in the mall.

Among the other stores, Ebisu and Shibuya, Mirai Nihonshuten KICHIJOJI seems to be loved by regulars who are more closely related to the area.

There are more than 160 types of sake that you can't easily find in Tokyo. Mr. Sakamoto, the store manager, says that they have a wide selection of local sake from all over the country, not branded brands that are lined up in other stores. It seems that the root of the idea is to support the young brewers who will be responsible for the future of the sake industry whose production volume is decreasing year by year.

Local sake is often only available locally due to its low production volume, but you can meet such rare sake at Mirai Nihonshuten KICHIJOJI.

Perfect for finding your own favorite. When you think that you can contribute to the future of sake through purchasing, there is something that will come to your heart even more.

Among them, there is also a limited edition that the brewery makes only for the future sake store. Only rare Japanese sake can be purchased here.

■Feel free to sample as much as you want! You will surely find your favorite sake

Have you ever been at a liquor store and wondered what kind of taste it would be? I'm sure there's more than once or twice that I've wished I could taste it.

In order to fulfill your wishes, at Mirai Nihonshuten KICHIJOJI, you can try most of the sake in the store. This kind of place is also taken into consideration in creating a shop that is friendly to beginners.

■ Pop is easy to understand even for beginners!

All the sake lined up in the store has a pop, and the diagrams and comments are very easy to understand. With this, even sake beginners can choose sake with confidence.
If you have trouble choosing just pop sake, you can rely on the staff who have a lot of knowledge about sake.

■ You can eat and drink in the store!

Inside the store, there are counter seats that are far from the image of a liquor store. It's hard to imagine from the image of a liquor store, but you can enjoy all the sake sold in the store for 480 yen (excluding tax) on the spot.
The staff have a wealth of knowledge about sake, so they not only recommend sake that you might like, but also talk about episodes related to that sake and stories about the brewery.
You can try some in the store and buy your favorite sake to take home.

You can also order simple snacks, and it is like a new type of izakaya. I am happy that there are many kinds.

■Beginners and veterans alike should give it a try! Taste judgment service

For 2000 yen (excluding tax), the store also offers a service called YUMMY SAKE, which allows you to diagnose the taste of your favorite sake, so even beginners can easily choose their favorite sake.

Even if you like sake and have a lot of knowledge about sake, it might be interesting to find out what type of sake you like.

The 10 types of sake poured one sip at a time make it easy to see that there are various types. Some are carbonated, while others are white and cloudy.

The YUMMY SAKE site allows you to evaluate the taste of each sake like this. Heart-shaped buttons are cute. How convenient it is to be able to tell you which of the 12 types of sake best suits your taste, just by evaluating each flavor on a 5-point scale!

After evaluating all sake, the diagnostic results appear in a matter of seconds. In this way, you will be given a specific explanation of your “yummy type”, which indicates your favorite taste, so it will definitely be a reference for choosing sake in the future!

It is a kindly designed service that even introduces recommended snacks.

At the end, you will receive a glass of recommended sake-type liquor. Please check the level of accuracy of YUMMYSAKE's taste diagnosis service for yourself.

I received a gift of "Shiragiku of Oku-Noto" !

All of the sake in the store is labeled with what type of taste it is, so if you know your taste type, you should be able to enjoy sake even more!

■It is most suitable for selection of gift

There are many gift items in the store, so it's perfect when you want to give sake as a gift or souvenir. In terms of design, you can choose according to your taste, such as those in a wooden box or those with luxurious labels. You can rest assured that even products without boxes can be wrapped.

While consulting with the staff, you should be able to choose the recommended sake considering the taste and situation of the other party.

“Future sake store KICHIJOJI” is full of charm. Whether you are a beginner of sake or not, why not visit us once?

Look at this article and tell the staff the password "I saw the article on the online shop!" We will serve one glass of Japanese sake recommended by the store manager.
(*Only for those who order more than 1 item. Until September 30, 2020)

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