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Article: 2 selections of sake you want to give as a gift


2 selections of sake you want to give as a gift

Sake that is perfect as a gift for your loved one, friend, or boss who loves alcohol

However, even if you say sake in one word, you will be wondering what to give.

Therefore, this time, Mirai Sake will introduce sake that we confidently recommend to anyone, regardless of gender.

This time we will introduce

 The world's only original label sake "The world's only original Junmai Daiginjo" series

 "Nishikigoi" that creates gorgeousness in celebration seats

 Isn't it stylish to present a glass to put sake in? "Mai"


① "The only original Junmai Daiginjo in the world"

If you want to give sake to your loved ones, friends, and bosses who are always indebted to you, famous sake is fine, but why not give a gift of sake that expresses your daily gratitude ?

You can add an original label like a brand name in vertical writing, or a message of up to 120 characters in horizontal writing.

Also, if you give us an image, we can print it!

There are also paper box types and gold leaf types.

See here for details.


② "Nishikigoi"

If you bring it to a celebration, its gorgeous appearance is sure to be the talk of the town.

It has been internationally acclaimed not only for its appearance, but also for its taste, which has won numerous international design awards. The specs are not disclosed, so you can enjoy the taste purely.


Isn't it stylish not only to present Japanese sake but also to present it with a glass?

When we think of sake, we tend to think of drinking it in a small sake cup, but it can also be enjoyed in a glass.

This time, we will introduce "Mai", which is made with the image of rice as Japanese sake.

The 3 series is a round glass , and the 7 series is a stylish and clean glass .


If you are looking for other glasses, please click here .

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For corporate customers

Various 1 sho bottles of sake from 1 bottle. If you are a corporate customer, please read through.

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