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Article: The highball boom has arrived! 4 delicious sake with soda recommended by Mirai Nihonshuten


The highball boom has arrived! 4 delicious sake with soda recommended by Mirai Nihonshuten

A highball made by mixing whiskey with soda is a standard drink. I think there are many people who enjoy it not only at izakaya, but also at home. Recently, soda-wari other than whiskey have become a hot topic one after another, and many people may have come to see gin soda frequently. This time, I would like to introduce 4 different categories of sake that are delicious when mixed with soda.


White chrysanthemum of Oku-Noto Kijoshu

Sake brewery name: Shirafuji Sake Brewery
Taste: very sweet
Type: Kijoshu
Alcohol content: 16%
Contents: 720ml

Kijoshu is a luxurious sake brewed by substituting a portion of the brewing water with sake. This time, I tried dividing alcohol and soda at a ratio of 2:1.

It has a sweeter taste than ordinary sweet sake and is characterized by its fruity aroma. You can feel the faint umami of rice in the sweetness of wine, making it perfect for when you want to casually enjoy sake. By diluting it with soda, the strength is reduced, so even people who don't like strong alcohol can enjoy it.

Plum wine

Yamagata Masamune Toro Toro plum wine

Brewery name: Mitobe Brewery
Taste: Sweet Type: Plum wine Alcohol content: 10%
Contents: 720ml

A sake-based plum liqueur produced by Mitobe Sake Brewery in Yamagata Prefecture, popular for its creamy texture. When you drink it as it is, it is a liquor with a thickness like plum jelly. In order to retain the flavor and texture of the plums, I used a 2:1 ratio of plum wine and soda. Even if you break it with soda, the color remains firmly.

When you put it in your mouth, the rich scent of plum spreads and you can feel the sticky texture. The sweetness is modest, and the original sourness of plums stands out, so you can drink more and more without becoming too heavy. This is a must-try for plum wine lovers!


Sherry barrel aged rice shochu Takato

Brewery name: Senjo Co., Ltd.
Type: Shochu Alcohol content: 25%
Contents: 720ml

This shochu is made by blending sake lees with rice and storing it in sherry barrels. With its amber color and mellow vanilla-like barrel aroma, this shochu offers a completely new flavor experience. This time I tried dividing it with soda at a ratio of 1:1.

Even if it is mixed with soda, the aroma does not fade at all, and it is characterized by its rich aroma. It tastes like whiskey, so you won't believe you're drinking shochu, but the faint sweetness makes you feel that it's made from rice. It has a refreshing aftertaste, and the alcohol content can be reduced by breaking it, so you can drink it as much as you want. Recommended for whiskey lovers!



Brewery name: Chiyo Musubi Sake Brewery
Type: Gin Alcohol content: 47%
Contents: 200ml

This gin is made by Ethical Spirits, which reuses sake lees discarded during the sake brewing process to produce craft gin . You can feel the rich scent of various botanicals such as lavender, cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon.

It's pretty high, so I split the gin and soda 1:2. Because it contains a lot of essential oil components, it is characterized by its pale color when mixed with soda.

The scent of lavender penetrates the moment you put it in your mouth, and the scent of various herbs remains even after you swallow it. People who try it for the first time will be surprised by the strength of the scent, as if they were drinking perfume. For those who want to enjoy novel sake, and those who want to feel more of the potential of gin, this is a gem that we would like you to drink.

Click here for the ethical spirits website.

This time, we introduced four types of sake that are recommended for soda-wari one by one. From standard soda splits like plum wine, to shochu that looks like whiskey, to gin with a botanical aroma, the great thing about soda splits is that you can enjoy them endlessly depending on what you mix them with.

Mirai Nihonshuten handles the four bottles introduced this time, so if you are interested, please check them out.

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