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Article: "The Road to Adulthood!" 4 Sake Recommendations for Your Sake Debut


"The Road to Adulthood!" 4 Sake Recommendations for Your Sake Debut

Have you ever thought, "My friend drinking sake is cool" or "I want to be able to drink and talk about sake"? Therefore, this time, we would like to introduce 4 “sweet and easy-to-drink sake recommended for beginners” for those who want to make their sake debut and grow up!

Don't you feel that you don't really understand Japanese sake, that it's difficult to drink because of its taste, that you don't like the stimulation of alcohol? So, I chose a "sweet sake" that will solve such problems. "Sweet sake" makes it easier to feel the deliciousness, softens the stimulation of alcohol, and improves the mouthfeel. Well then, let me introduce you!

Fuku Nishiki Junmai Sake Fu.

Fukunishiki (Hyogo Prefecture)

The feature of this sake is that the alcohol content is as low as 8%.

It is one that you can feel the balance of fruity sweetness and sourness. Because of its low alcohol content and fruity and easy to drink, it can be said to be the first recommended sake for beginners.

Because it has a sour taste, you can enjoy it stylishly with Western food ! It is recommended to drink it chilled.


・Alcohol content: 8-9 degrees


・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

・Contents: 500ml

ECHOES Shubo Shibori Junmai Nama Sake

Tamaasahi Sake Brewery (Toyama Prefecture)

A sake produced by advancing the timing of squeezing sake during brewing.

The sweetness and sourness spreads in your mouth, and the alcohol content is 12%, so you can enjoy it like wine !

The taste is similar to the first Fu. Compared to Fu., the sourness is stronger than the sweetness. Also, the label is pink and fashionable.


・Alcohol content: 12 degrees

・Unpasteurized sake (requires refrigeration)

・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

・Contents: 720ml

Keigetsu pure rice size brewing sake from the finest rice CEL24

Tosa Sake Brewery (Kochi Prefecture)

“Easy-to-drink, friendly sake” requires sweetness and aroma. In order to acquire these, a yeast called " CEL24 " was developed and used for this sake.

It has a fruity taste and spreads clear to the nose.

It's gorgeous and sweet, so we recommend enjoying it before meals ! It may be fashionable to chill it and combine it with fruit as a dessert.


・Alcohol content: 15 degrees

・Unpasteurized sake

・Ingredients: Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic rice)

・Contents: 720ml


Abe Sake Brewery (Niigata Prefecture)

This sake is called kijoshu , which is made from rice and rice malt. By doing so, it will be finished with more sugar than regular sake, so it will be sweeter! In addition, it can be said that it is a luxurious liquor because it uses Japanese sake in addition to the usual ingredients.

It has a melting taste and can be enjoyed with vanilla ice cream ! You can also enjoy it as a dessert after meals.

By the way, FOMALHAUT is the first magnitude star in the autumn constellation Pisces Southern! Originally, there is a type of sake called Hiyaoroshi, which has been brewed over the summer. The longer you let it sit, the more interesting it tastes, so it is said that the name was given under the interpretation of "Hiyaoroshi = interesting sake aged = autumn release = autumn star = FOMALHAUT"! It's cool to be able to talk about such detailed trivia.


・Alcohol content: 14 degrees


・Ingredients: Rice (produced in Niigata Prefecture), rice malt (rice produced in Niigata Prefecture), sake

・Contents: 720ml

Now that "home time" has been forced due to the influence of the new coronavirus, why not try making your sake debut at home? By all means, please try to challenge other than the four that I introduced this time!

When life returns to normal and you have the opportunity to drink in groups again, let's become cool adults who can drink sake and fascinate the people around you!

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