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Article: Terujii x Raifuku Collaboration Sake Maitri, an original blend made by a man who loves sake

てるじい×来福コラボ日本酒 日本酒を愛する男が手掛けるこだわりのオリジナルブレンド酒「Maitri」

Terujii x Raifuku Collaboration Sake Maitri, an original blend made by a man who loves sake

" Maitri " means "charity" in Sanskrit. This name not only expresses the desire to support the victims of the heavy rains in Fukuoka, but also expresses the love for sake. This time, I was able to hear a wide range of things about " Maitri " from the old man who made this liquor, including the background of making this liquor and recommended ways to enjoy it.

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- Teru-jii-san, what do you usually do?

I work as a freelancer, but my main job is as a sake consultant.
After that, we are holding a limited event called the Kuchifuku Marriage Course, which combines various genres of cuisine and sake.

I originally liked sake, so I entered this industry and learned not only about sake, but also about the enjoyment of pairing sake with food, such as mariage.
After that, he worked as the store manager for 5 years after the opening of “Bakushuan Ebisu”, and was ranked number one in the izakaya ranking in the Ebisu area of ​​Tabelog.

-Please tell us about the new assemblage sake “ Maitri ”.

In the local sake industry, it is common to create a complete flavor in a single tank called a single tank, but I think blending has a lot of potential. I believe that by taking the best of various unique sake and blending them in a good balance, we can create a new world that cannot be expressed with a single tank. I've been talking to people in the sake industry about the new value and future of sake, and since there were very few breweries doing that, I thought I'd take the initiative. Mr. Raifuku told me to do it, so I started.

Under such circumstances, " Maitri " is the first original blended sake that was released the other day. I wanted a sake with a strong acidity, so I ordered a custom-made sake with a strong amount of malic acid, and put it in oak barrels to add fragrance. I also blended about 6 different things to balance the acidity and sweetness, and the point is that the refreshing scent of muscat, which is the base liquor, is compatible with the scent of oak barrels. This is also what you can do because it's a blend.

-It's a liquor that will appeal to those who like alcohol and are particular about it.

I agree. However, I want to bring it to people who don't like it, and it's a balanced drink that feels like it's delicious to drink normally, and I don't think anyone can dislike it.

Also, I actually tried pairing it with various dishes, but the sake has a sweet and sour taste, and the scent of oak barrels and the scent of muscat. Because there is a point where it fits somewhere, it goes well with a wide range of dishes and ingredients, so you can enjoy it in a wide variety of situations as a meal. It's also a drink that you can drink without thinking too much.

-Were there any discoveries or realizations during the making process?

Even if I had the combination I was thinking of in my head, there were times when it didn't turn out 100% . After that, I thought it would be best if I could create a delicious balance with an alcohol content of about 13 or 14 degrees, so I added water at the end this time. So, even if it's less than 1% of the alcohol, the taste changes completely depending on the amount of water added. It's interesting to make unreadable changes that are different from such logic, and I would like to pursue it further.

-Have you ever had any experience making sake?

As for blending, it was my first time actually doing it in a brewery, but I've been studying sake brewing, such as making koji and washing rice. Some breweries let me go there for a few weeks. So I think I have some basic knowledge of sake brewing.

-Lastly, do you have a message for people who buy alcohol?

For people who like sake, I want them to feel and imagine the complexity of the taste and aroma, and enjoy it by pairing it with various dishes. I used a heart-shaped label to express love so that people who can't drink alcohol can also use it as a gift.

Also, since I'm from Fukuoka, I donate 500 yen from the sales to support flood victims. By drinking and having fun, you can help people who are in trouble with flood damage, so I hope you enjoy it.

" Maitri " was filled with Teru-san's love for sake and the sake world. Alcohol lovers in particular can enjoy its complex flavor with various dishes. You can support Fukuoka's heavy rain damage while enjoying alcohol, so why don't you enjoy " Maitri " by all means?

Click here for the product page of "MAITRI"

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